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Here on our homepage you can find all info about events, running contests, parties, hunts, etc.

To stay updated it will be more easy to join the L.A.C group inworld and you get messages and gifts in future.

Copy this link in local chat in SL and join - it´s free!



NEW: Roleplay Riddle Run

Very new and unique in Second Life and created by ThE LorAkitA Club staff is the "Roleplay Riddle Run".

Based on the idea of SL Hunts we made this Run including riddles and a story you need follow on several roleplay sims gridwide.

Read more here: Roleplay Riddle Run



(28th July to 11th of August 2013)

Our 7th Photo Contest this year is totally different to the ones before, more easy and absolutely fair.


Winner price : 2.500 L$!

No VOTINGS and joining GROUP, it´s free!

All you need to do is send one nice photo to l0raine resident till the 11th of August 2013. ThE LorAkitA CluB staff will choose the most amazing picture and send the L$s to the winner on the 08/11/2013.

All contest pics which are themed "beach or summer" will be shown at the Mall of AMARCORD, Zandvoort.


 send your photo (IM) to  l0raine resident ... GOOD LUCK!

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