ThE LorAkitA CluB!   Powered by SiX Radio!

 " If MuSic´s your DruG,

                               let us be your DEaLErs!"


On the 27th of March we started our 1st Masquerade: The Moonlight Masquerade and it was beautiful and full of people who enjoyed the music and ambiente.

"Costumes & masks! Hide your pretty face to meet some strangers and dance in romantic location in the moonlight"

This was the text of the SiX Radio Jingle that time and it was exactly like we expected. DJ Akita played the perfect music, soundtracks from love and fantasy movies like "The Labyrinth", "Alice in Wonderland", "Eyes Wide Shut", "Marie Antoinette" and many more.

Every guest got one invitation gift, extra created for the masquerade and free masks. Many came to share this night and music, fantastic like a fairytale!

The MOONLIGHT Masquerades will be on each full moon day when this day is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The next Masquerade will be on Friday, 18th of October 2013 (L.A.C. in event summer break till October).

Watch the calendar to know the dates:

The NEW MOON MASQUERADE - the darkness

"When there is Ying there must be also Yang to create the balance, that´s life , that´s the course of nature and they can not exist without each other."

That is why we decided to give you Yang, the contrast to our 1st Masquerade. And it rocked!

The NEW MOON Masquerade has really nothing to do with the popular "Twilight" movies, but it is the origin of the legend about the new moon. Dark and rough but also peaceful new start, a new circle begins.

The location for this Masquerade ball was totally different to the 1st one. It was evil and hot, vulcanic and brutal and so was the music played by DJ GOLDIE!

Of course our guest and group members got an appropriate gift to wake their desire for more. It worked. Also this awesome masquerade was a success and will be also in future.

Next planned NEW MOON Masquerade will be on Friday, the 4th of October 2013.

The Darkness returns ...





ThE LorAkitA CluB staff is always working on ideas and events we can offer for you, so from time to time we do special themed parties in our home sim @ the club or in sky when a specific location is needed which doesn´t suit the sim. We send several messages about every party and have Jingles on SiX Radio to get your attention, we really want to entertain you :)


It is of course also possible to send us requests for private parties, like for CCS Clans or special groups, friends or family. We manage it.

Contact l0raine resident or akita broome per IM or send one notecard with your request.

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