About LorAkitA CluB

In December 2012 ℓoяąɨɲe & ďj AЌɨţą had the idea of creating one Club in CCS which has much more to offer than just DJs spinning on stream from time to time.

"We wanted to create a group for people who want to be a part of events and monthly contests and don´t need to leave CCS for that. A group for which we take care without asking for TIPS or fame. Entertaining people is 1st our goal and we want also share our success with those who can´t afford L$s as others by sending gifts or starting contests."

The L.A.C. Club was born on EtErnAL DooM CCS sim with the support of Sn0wy´s SiX Radio which had already a name in CCS and where Akita worked already as DJs since years.

"We started in a small corner in one tiny club and worked on our first LIVE concert: "The Katy Perry Show" and it was worth it! Take a look, funny video someone made for us, don´t get dizzy :)"

The group grew fast and people showed interest and gave them good feedback and support. "We had a great start and FUN!"

After a short time they decided that one little club in corner is not enough and moved in EtErNaL to open the L.A.C DoMe! Bigger, better and louder!


"There we started to spin for Double XP Events and sometimes just for fun and for Sn0wy´s Radio and offered more photo contests, did the Masquerades & opened one gift sky for our members. Many SiX Radio DJs joined us to spin in the DoME."


In Spring 2013 the Club moved to AMARCORD, Zandvoort to open the very nice BeACH CluB where this nice cat couple and their crew will return after the summer break for more fun, parties, contests & movies in cinema and also for more live concerts. Give them a visit and support, they deserve it!


"Join us and let us share with you!"



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